What We Dare To Believe God to Do
VLC Core Values and Vision
“Where there is no vision (prophetic revelation) the people cast off restraint.” Proverbs 29:18
Every man, woman, and child was born with prophetic purpose or destiny woven within their DNA from Father God. Where there is a lack of insight or vision regarding that prophetic destiny, there will also be a lack of focus. Those who live disconnected from their prophetic purpose wander aimlessly through life, making decisions that direct them away from what they were born to do. Many have perished in the physical sense without ever fulfilling the Father’s eternal purpose for their lives. Even now, many are slowly perishing or wasting away because they live without any real sense of understanding their identity, which unlocks the purpose for which they were created.
The Power of Identity
“It is not what you do that defines who you are. It is who you are that directs what you do.”  
The world has cultivated a culture of distraction. The age that we live in has made it very easy and very attractive to disengage from real life bypassing the process by which a person becomes mature in their engagement with the world. The world engages our children through sensory over-stimulation all of their life which makes involving them in real-world relationships more difficult. The greatest threat that God’s children face in fulfilling His calling upon their life is distraction. The answer to this threat is not removing ourselves from the world, but breaking the power of the world’s influence upon us. This occurs when we understand our identity. When a person genuinely connects with who they are through Eternity’s eyes, the choices they make will increasingly honor that identity. Personal values begin to shift as God’s intention for their life is progressively revealed by His Holy Spirit living within them, directing how they live.
Power of the Corporate Anointing
Just as each individual has a prophetic destiny pulling upon their souls, crying out for agreement and cooperation, groups of people are commonly called to labor together for the sake of one common vision. There is strength in a corporate anointing. “One can put 1000 to flight. Two can put 10,000.” A community in pursuit of and connected to the purposes of God can accomplish far more than one individual. As the gifts and callings of God activated in individuals mingle within a spiritual community, it creates a dynamic, synergism that could not be gained by each person laboring alone.
Writing the Vision
It is important that each prophetic community that God calls together has a clear understanding of the vision they are laboring for.
Habakkuk 2:2 says, “Write the vision, make it plain on tablets, that he that reads it can run with it.” The clear communication of a
vision enables it’s recipients to interact and connect, asking God what role they have in seeing that vision mature. When a vision is unclear, there is no solid connection people have with the vision presentation. “If you don’t know where you are going, you won’t know what to do.”
Vision of Victory Life Church (VLC)
We exist for the primary purpose of preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom, spreading the “good news” of the favor of our God toward
all mankind far and wide.  The ministries that exist within our community give the “joined members” many opportunities to minister the gospel in different environments, serving in a multitude of ways. By providing these opportunities for service, each member can use the gifts and talents that God has given them for His service in the gospel, allowing their gifts to grow and mature, and discover how their individual gifts/talents supply what is needed by the overall community of believers. Our desire is that every member of the body becomes fully activated in their God-given calling and anointing in order to become mature in their son-ship with God, in which interdependence within their community is a natural outflow of that relationship, as well as reaching out to those within their sphere of influence with the gospel message and power, evidenced in transformed lives through the supernatural assistance of God by the working of His Holy Spirit.  In order to accomplish this purpose, we have administered a set of Vision Values, and released a Statement of Faith, reflecting our belief system, core convictions, and foundation stones upon which healthy Kingdom Participants can be built. 
1.  Sunday AM Celebration Service
2.  Worship Ministry
3.  Small Groups
4.  Children’s Ministry
5.  Youth Ministry
6.  Jail Ministry
7.  Dream Center
8.  Men’s Ministry
9.  Missions
10.  Counseling Ministry
11.  Prophetic Ministry
12.  Nursery Ministry
13.  College Ministry
14.  Women’s Ministry
15.  Intercessory Prayer Ministry